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General Land Rover discussions / Re: Disco @MPI Auction
« Last post by lamerfreak on April 29, 2012, 07:43:28 PM »
Must be a really bad driver owns this.
Truer words, and all that.   :26
General Land Rover discussions / Roverpark Boys/ St. Albert
« Last post by dplace on April 27, 2012, 03:25:37 PM »
Anybody know what is going on with Mark at Rover Park Boys/ Battle Bros.  His last Facebook was March 30th, phone not answered for a month, no e-mail connections.  My parts are over a month late.  Can someone in Alberta let me know if he is OK?  I heard he was sick at one time but you would think someone would alert customers etc.
Dave Place
Selkirk, Manitoba
General Land Rover discussions / Disco @MPI Auction
« Last post by bomberfan on April 26, 2012, 06:11:58 PM »

Look at the scrapes on this thing. Must be a really bad driver owns this.  :65

Sorry, I had to.  :4. Hope nobody got hurt or I'll feel bad.
General Land Rover discussions / Re: Nice heaters at Princess Auto on sale
« Last post by dplace on April 25, 2012, 09:31:48 PM »
Not at my Land rover at the moment but these are abut 10" square and have three heat doors on them.  I have used them before as auxilliary heaters on IIa vehicles mostly and they certainly imporve the heat for the passengers in the back.  If you need more info I could go out and look at the actual heater.  I don't recal them having a sticker on them with the BTU's etc however.  One of the people in my Ottawa Valley Land Rover Club bought the two fan madel and he says it will fit where the old Kodiak heater sits.  I have had good service from them in the past and think they are very worthwhile.  I don't know where you are located but when I bought mine the only ones left on the shelf were the ones I bought.  I got two of them at that price for my two Ser III vehicles.  I understand there are some of the other sizes at the store in St. James.  The cores alone are worth well over the asking price and they have multiple speed fans and dropping resistors already inside them.  Does anyone know what wrecker vehicle would have a suitable muffin fan to replace the stock belt driven fan on the radiator. I want to go all electric and not run a fan in winter.  I understand from the Kenlow Fan ads that you can expect up to 5% better gas mileage and a slight increase in HP with the electric vs the engine driven fan.  I can't get my heat reading above the top of the cold block on the gauge so I diffenitly want to disable the fan for most of my driving and just have the electric cut in when the engine gets to around 195 F.
Dave Place
Selkirk, Manitoba
General Land Rover discussions / Re: Nice heaters at Princess Auto on sale
« Last post by bentonator on April 25, 2012, 08:05:38 PM »
Which one is it...they have three at that price point.

  • SKU: 4240028 at 24,700 BTU
  • [/l][/l]
  • SKU: 4240003 at 13,500 BTU
  • [/l]
    • SKU: 4240004 at 21,000 BTU
    • [/l]

      Does anyone know what kind of BTU rating the stock heaters are? Do you think this would this be a significant upgrade from the OEM IIa heater?
General Land Rover discussions / Re: Transmission noise
« Last post by dplace on April 23, 2012, 08:02:07 AM »
They actually sell a bell housing/transmission blanket in the UK so it must be OK.  I have used Molly in my transissions for over 35 years without a problem but at the moment I just can't find it.  My Rover with the sound proofing is quite good but I think it can be even quieter :1
General Land Rover discussions / Re: Transmission noise
« Last post by tuko on April 23, 2012, 02:34:17 AM »
Additives are not recommended for a series transmission especially if its not yellow metal approved. Also don't wrap the transmission as it builds up heat. I have several sets of ear plugs in my landy that help considerably with noise control.
General Land Rover discussions / Transmission noise
« Last post by dplace on April 21, 2012, 12:36:30 PM »
Yesterday I tried to find a product I have used for years to lower the noise in my Series Vehicle's transmissions.  It was Molly Slip.  I cna't find it anymore.  They say on the Web tht Molly makes a product called Molly G Manual Transmission Lubrcan't.  Does anyone know where I can get that stuff in Winnipeg.  Anyone I have asked has never heard of it before.  I am also looking for a transmission noise blanket.  Anyone know who makes them and where I could buy one.  Even a heavy used X-Ray protective apron would be fine I think but I can't find them either.
Dave Place
General Land Rover discussions / Nice heaters at Princess Auto on sale
« Last post by dplace on April 21, 2012, 12:32:27 PM »
Princess Auto has a great sale on heaters that will fit the Series Vehicles.  I bought two of them.  They are on for $62 regular $250 range.
Dave Place
General Land Rover discussions / Ser III speed vs. RPM
« Last post by dplace on April 15, 2012, 10:50:59 PM »
Today I took my rebuilt Ser III for a run to Winnipeg.  I got 60 MPH at 3,000 RM and 50 MPH at 2,000 with a Fairy O/D unit on the vehicle.  The O/D seems to drop the RPM about 700 from in and out.  Has anyone else got a Ser III that can give me some comparison numbers?  I run a Weber Carb on this vehicle.  I suspect once my rings seat better the speed will go up.  I have less than 500 miles on it since the rebuild. I changed the oil to 10w40 and a new filter after about 400 miles and it was dirty but no bits in it and no smell to it.  I will now do about 3,000 miles and then go to synthetic I think.  I saw some on the shelf at Piston Ring that rates as 0W40!!  Hard to think you could put a "0" viscostiy number oil into an engine to start it up and get any kind of lubrication.  Oil is supposed to give a barrier between metal but at "0" I can't believe it is thick enough to withstand any kind of loads or compression pressure.  Anyone read anything about this factor? It certaily would get to the top of the engine but in an older engine I wonder if the oil pump could get enough pressure built up to push it to the top of the engine.  My rebuilt runs about 80 lbs at 60 MPH and about 65 lbs at idle.  That should really lubricate the engine fine.  One problem I have with my vehicle however is it doesn't produce enough friction to produce heat.  Even at the temperatures we have had recently I can't get it over the top edge of the cold square at the bottom of the guage.  I can put my hand on the rad after a run.  The next option for me is a Kenlow fan so I can get the heat up and save a bit of gas.  Actually I could have run all the way to Winnipeg with the fan belt off today to test it for heat build up. I put two very nice marine power sockets with rubber waterproof covers on the centre section of the dash.  Other Ser III owners will know this section as the one the emergency flasher switch is mounted on.  I used the side facing the passenger and wired it directly to the battery through a fuse so I could leave some of my ham radio stuff on and my Garmin V, which I don't put batteries into.  I invited a fellow importing a D90 from Toronto to join us here, so watch for a new member soon. He too is a ham radio operatior.  Anyone needing IIA or Ser III parts let me know what you need.  We are breaking two at the moment.  The stuff will go pretty cheap, especially the body parts.  I have one station wagon top with sliding windows that had the swinging door and one top for the tailgate style.  Both are for 88" vehicles.  We have a set of new springs and likely some used ones as well.  Everything is pick up at Selkirk, Manitoba.  I won't ship big stuff unless you arrange everything at your end.
Dave Place
Selkirk, Manitoba
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